Playing Solitaire on Your Personal Computer

15 Mar

Solitaire game is a well known form of solitaire, a single player version, where the player has to create the board without using any cards. Solitaire games are also played in a head to head fashion, with the winning player choosing a winning pattern from a deck of cards without having to actually shuffle the deck. The most popular version of this game is the Caribbean Solitaire, which was created by Richard Berry in the early 1960s. Since then it has gained popularity in the world over and is now available in various versions, all of them being very simple to learn and play.

One of the important rules in playing a solitaire game is to have a sound foundation. This can best be achieved by creating a basic pattern of arrangement of the cards. For example, arrange all the cards in their order from ace to king, starting with the ace and following until the king. It is always better to start with the basic pack as a base, followed by additional packs of similar numbers of cards, such as, Jack and Jill, sevens and five-card draw. In case you have no cards to start with, a suit of diamonds or a heart makes a good base. Then the usual pattern of clubs to diamonds, hearts to diamonds can easily be worked out.
Other than the basic arrangements, one must also follow certain rules to play a solitaire game, such as not alternating colors in the same suit. This rule will make the game less interesting if you are following it. Also, arranging the cards in groups of four makes the game easier to deal with. Most decks consist of fifty cards, and it is very difficult to deal with fifty cards while keeping track of which color each card belongs to.

Another option to arrange the cards while playing these type of solitaire games is using software designed for this purpose. There are many available on the internet, including Microsoft windows and Mac Os card games. These software vary in price, but some are available for free download. For those that want more options in their game, the mobilityware software also comes with features such as shuffling, drawing, patterning and even betting. The Microsoft windows version of Solitaire is the most popular version, as it is also the most widely played version.

The most challenging part of playing this type of solitaire games on a personal computer is dealing with the randomness of the outcome. If luck is on your side, then it can be very profitable, but if you are using a computer and there is no such luck involved, you will soon discover that it is next to impossible to get any sort of consistent outcome from these games. This is where bVs solitaire collection software can come in handy. It automates the process of bVs solitaire games and ensures that the odds are fair.

If you are looking to improve your skills with a Solitaire game, try placing various bets on different combinations, keeping one card from each pile. Try varying the values of the Ace and King of the suits by adding or removing card values on the basis of whether the Ace they are placed on is greater than or less than any other Ace they might be placed on in the same suit. You will soon find yourself winning large sums of money! If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post:

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